07 June 2010

the scent of summer

the sent of the creosote bush always takes me back to the rains that came in on huge black clouds slowly creeping in bringing the most glorious shocks of lightning and thunder rumbling through the hot Arizona air and pouring down thick sheets of warm rain drops that my sister and I would dance in until we were soaked to the bone and yet warm in the soothing heat of summer evenings in Tucson when the scorched sidewalks still sizzled slightly under our feet as the puddles would grow into great warm lakes splashing all around us, surrounding us in water above and below and from every side until finally we would run inside to sit at the window and watch the earth light up with bursts of white light, glaring our eyes and illuminating the trees and bushes outside bowing under powerful gust of warm air and the great bolts began to break and crack so close we could feel it through our bodies and in the shaking glass of the window panes as the earth absorbed the great resounding power of

Those are days to remember. And as a soft wind sifts in through my window screen tonight carrying the slightest hint of creosote this evening, I can't help but be glad that despite all the things that are changing around me everyday, the miracle of sweet summer rain can find me even here and now.

My wish today is that everyone might experience a monsoon summer in the desert. There's nothing like it.

And being the Jack Johnson fan that I am, I am thinking of his song Monsoon just now... so enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I love your words... Summer rain is the best...I love you...

Persis Shah said...

what a lovely post and i really like that song too!

just passing by your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. do come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)

have a lovely day!