16 December 2008

Winter Wonderland?

Even walking to campus this morning at 7am with little cold, white flakes stinging my face, I couldn't deny the beauty of the newly fallen snow. It is amazing how the millions of little crystals glitter individually in the yellow light of the street lamps. Despite the piercing cold, the early hour, and the ever present threat of falling and breaking open my face, it was really quite lovely. And when I came home after my final, I was greeted by my dear roommates making snowballs with the snow on the cars in our parking lot. At first I was a bit concerned that they were going to attack me, but they didn't and soon a few other friends came out too. We ended up playing in the snow and having a mini-snowball fight. It was really fun and I actually enjoyed the snow and the cold and all. And now I am a disaster of wetness and cold, but in our warm, toasty apartment with the hope of going home tomorrow (yippee!), nothing can bring me down. In fact, I have one final to go and I am basically free! So, I can handle this chilly winter wonderland for a day and a half with the promise of sunshine and warmth awaiting me at home! I'm dreaming of a non-white Christmas! Here I come Arizona!


12 December 2008

the First

So this is "blogging."
1:08am: There isn't much else to do, except sleep, which would make far too much sense for me. So, bored of all my usual late night activities, this is what I've come to. Following the crowd? Probably. And why not. Of course, the only comfort I can take in writing this is knowing that the chances of anyone actually reading it are slim to none. So if you are, congrats...you're probably bored already. Sorry. But you can't say I didn't try to keep you away. I did. I promise.

Confession: Even now, as I write this, I am afraid of blogging. I don't write things for others to read. Ever. And it terrifies me to put any part of myself in such a public realm, even if it is just a few random words composed in the wee hours of the morning, so to say. There is something uncomfortable in that act: exposing yourself to others. And to unknown others at that. Who are you out there reading my words?

Well, I feel okay about this I guess. If I decide against it later I'm banking on some kind of delete function on this blog and my post will be dissolved into oblivion, where it belongs.