08 February 2011


The great thing about a sick day is you don't have to go to work. In fact, you don't really have to do anything.

The bad thing is, you can't do much of anything anyway.

Today I stayed home sick, and I feel like a captive in my own body--there are so many things I would love to do with a day off! I could get errands done. I could clean. I could go hiking or swimming or visit friends or go shopping (although I shouldn't do that anyway...). I could practice the guitar or go for a walk or do yoga. But instead, I am stuck in bed- too antsy to sleep, but too dizzy to get up.

However, there is always a silver lining. The redeeming moment in my day:

This afternoon I went out to the front porch and lay in the sun for a good hour with the birds chirping and sun shimmering in the trees and the cool breeze mixed with the warmth of the sun combining to make the perfect temperature. And I didn't have to think about anything or go anywhere. It was heavenly.

Definitely not something I get to enjoy everyday! And I got a good dose of vitamin d.

Also, I kept thinking of this song, because, for some reason, when I first heard it it reminded me of dappled sunlight through closed eyes while the light glints off of swaying branches- though maybe in fast forward, or the way the light looks when you're sleeping in a moving car- and wind chimes (i know that's random and maybe I'm the only one who gets that image, but oh well). I invite you to listen, close your eyes, and imagine the sunlight through the trees and the beautiful afternoon breeze on your skin. It's lovely, I promise :) Plus, this song is just gorgeous.

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