14 April 2011

lil tykes

All of a sudden there are children popping up all over my neighborhood! They're riding bikes, sprinting through the grass, playing with garbage cans, sword fighting with tree branches, and, you know, basically doing all kinds of weird, normal kid things, which just happen to be glorious because they are smiley and laughing and in a completely different world than the rest of us. They acting the way I feel like acting when I walk outside into the beautiful heat of the sun and the cool breezes that are passing through Provo these days (with fewer and fewer evil (ie cold) interruptions into this bliss).

It's strange, though, because I didn't know they existed, all of these little people who are now running the streets and playing and (let's be honest) wreaking havoc everywhere I go. It's as though, like the flowers I'm finding in every corner and crevice, these kids are just sprouting up and blossoming under the sun in these fine, fragrant, warm/cool, almost-spring days.

I love it!

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