13 October 2011


A few days ago I saw the sign featured below. And not long ago it would have been simply hilarious. (Because, yes, I know it is trying to say watch out, there are children here so you should be careful. But that's not what it says. And what it says is funny.)

Now, I am less amused. Because I know when a sign says DANGER: Children what it really means is, watch out, these germ machines are just waiting to breathe their poisonous air all over you. You will now suffer pain and inconvenience while they, at worst, get to stay home with their mommies and watch TV all day!

I now know that as a teacher in Spain, getting sick is not that easy. You not only have to make sure you get in touch with someone at the school and explain to them in Spanish that you can't come in because your voice doesn't work and there are slivers of glass in your throat, you also have to find a doctor who can write you a note of excuse--which requires tracking down a doctor, finding a way to get to the doctor's office and figuring out your insurance--which in and of itself requires making phone calls and trying to talk to people in Spanish to explain your situation--all while your head is threatening to explode, you are burning alive/freezing/sweating/shivering, and it feels like you are trying to swallow several knives at the same time.

I think that puts the tally at...
Children: 1134 points
Kendal: 0.2 points

They really are dangerous beasts!

And just for everyone's peace of mind:
In the end my school let me NOT go to the doctor,
which made my life infinitely easier.
And I am already feeling much better!!

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marissa said...

wowza! glad you are on the mend!