13 March 2012

The things Alfred Hitchcock has done to me.

In Spain I live in a wonderful room. A loft. At the top of the house with lots of space and light that comes in through the two big windows on either side of the room. Some days, like today, when it is sunny and warm, I like to open one or both windows allowing air and sun and the noise of the outdoors to come in.

Today really was a beautiful day. Warm--27 degrees! (Celcius of course!)-- and bright, with just a touch of a breeze. So of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to leave my one window wide open all afternoon! Finally, towards evening I was getting ready to go for a run in this lovely weather when, suddenly, there was a sort of banding noise and a little sparrow came flying in. For a second I was delighted. How cute!

But then, I saw the panic in the bird's eyes as it starting flailing about and hurling itself around the room. So, doing what any courageous soul might do, as the poor bird collided with the closed window on the opposite side of the room, I squealed and raced into the bathroom shutting the door quickly behind me and then stared blankly into the darkness.... since I had forgotten to hit the light switch, which is inconviently placed outside of the bathroom. Why? Don't ask why in Spain. These people are just different...*

After standing there in the pitch black room for a minute and hearing no terrifying sounds in the on the other side of the door, I took my chances and peaked out, not sure if I was more frightened to see the bird bomb-driving towards my face or to find it injured (or worse) near the not-so-open window. However, as I carefully scanned the room, all traces of the bird had vanished. . .

. . . unfortunately, with it also went my last shred of dignity.

So I guess, if you're looking for the moral of the story it's basically this: If you need some help in high stress, emergency situations, where calm, collected thinking is a requirement-- I'm your girl! Just think what you could do with this kind of bravery, quick thinking and logic at your disposal!

*Also, Spanish people aren't really different... all the time.

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