26 July 2012

and miles to go...

I have a great deal to say, but I won't say much.. just now.

Only that most of my goodbyes have been said. My things are (almost) packed. Time is running short. And in just two days I will be boarding a plane bound for Tucson, AZ, blowing kisses to Spain, and feeling the tug of that piece my heart that is linked to this land forever.

Right now I feel the restlessness of wanting to jump ahead into the next phase of life awaiting me back home. And the heartache of having already completed (perhaps) another chapter in this little story of mine, and letting it go. And the fear of being in between--never really knowing what lies ahead or comes next. On the threshold, and somewhat in the dark.

But it's all beautiful. And I am happy. And grateful, too. Because I know that I am blessed, beyond what I could ever, ever deserve. 

And because tonight there is a warm summer storm blowing through Madrid, with fat globs-of-rain drops and silver flashing, sky cutting, bright-light lightning and deep, long rumblings of thunder. And it is too perfect. A summer storm. The kind of farewell I wouldn't have known to ask for, but that is exactly what I want.

So, thank you--for this time. For the things I've seen and experienced; the good and the bad. The places I have been, the things I have learned, all I have gained, even what I have lost. And, of course and most of all, for the people. Thank you forever for the friends, the family, the special souls who are, in truth, the greatest, most rewarding part of it all.

If I've (re)learned anything in Spain it is how much the people in my life mean to me. Those friends I have found here, the dear and wonderful people who have been there for me at home. This time has given me a greater understanding of the essential part these incredible people play in my life. And of just how grateful I should be. More than I am, I know. And more than I could say in a billion words, not to mention these few measly paragraphs.

But, anyway, what I really want to say now is, this it is. The end has come. It's been swell, Spain. And you know I'll miss you. I really will.

Hasta luego.
Nos vemos.
for now.

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Chelsea said...

Beautiful post, Kendal! I can't wait to see you!