25 March 2010

del ano pasado

I left my heart in Bolivia...

Guatemala . . .


So I am getting antsy again- it's the travel bug. My roommate Rachel says it's the warm weather that does it, but for me it's something else. It's a kind of fear or nervousness; an anxiety that creeps up on me; the constant hand of time reminding me that with every passing day, every moment, I'm getting closer to the end...
the end of my days at BYU
the end of an incredible five years
the end of life in park place 2
the end of studying
and not studying
the end of plans
the end of knowing what to expect in the next
the end of a kind of freedom
from adulthood
or responsibility
and maybe even
the inevitable end of my life.
And I'm not ready yet!
there is still so much to see...

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