05 April 2010

News in the blogosphere...

So, news to me, there are actually things called Blog Awards, and the charming Bree kindly introduced me to this concept with the Purple Fairy Award. As she passed it on to me I'd like to spread the love to just a couple of my favorite blogs as well...

Sweat, Tears, or the Sea
always a source of inspiration in writing and in life

all you need is love
who wouldn't love the spunk and cleverness of this fine woman
and I know she already received this award, but I think she can have another)

que sera, sera
always full of lovely thoughts and photos

Sentiments and Dreams
here is the evidence of beautiful soul

the rest is still unwritten
this gal is just a genius (plus she is a great runner!)

I should be deserving to be to mars
this brilliant woman is hilarious and an incredible writer

To all of my Purple Fairy award winners--thanks for writing great blogs that I love to read! Keep up the good work :)


M is for... said...

You're the sweetest

Jessica said...

Well if I knew how to return the award, I would! (: Thanks BendyKendy!

e. del mar said...


Anonymous said...

ooh thanks girl! i always love your blog too!