23 May 2011

What are you asking me for?

As I'm approaching yet another "turning point" in my life, I have a few decisions to make. You know, simple things like where to live, what job I want, what I want to study in grad school, who I am, where I'm going and essentially the entire course of my future. It should be easy.

One good thing about me is that I'm great at making lists. So I've listed out all kinds of future paths. I used to do this all the time my freshman year of college--you could pick up these class planning sheets outside of the counseling offices (and also lists with class offerings for all of the different majors and possible schedules in which to take these courses). I routinely grabbed stacks of these planning tools and filled them out in my spare time (i.e. instead of reading my text books). I had all kinds of plans to complete all sorts of majors, with a few slight variations-differences between taking English 215 in the Fall or Winter or between studying Social Work or Environmental Science; Creative Writing or Geography, etc. Each plan was perfectly scheduled-- and they all got me through college in a neat four years with a fairly well developed skill set.

Another thing about me is that I'm much better at listing and planning than I am at actually sticking to plans. (For evidence, please see my college transcripts.)

Now, I feel that this makes me sounds slightly aimless. And maybe there is some validity to that. Yet, on the other hand, I might just be really good at and interested in so many things it makes it hard to choose. It's just really hard to know which it is... maybe?

Anyway, I don't know about anyone else, but this is kind of how I feel about my life:

Or maybe, possibly kind of like this:

I'm not sure yet.

Wish me luck.

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Meg said...

I planned 5 different majors. I loved planning them, not studying them.