30 September 2011

All the small things

Today I had a small Spanish success: I bought my "abono" or monthly train/metro/bus pass. I won't pretend there weren't some snags in getting there, but the fact that I can now post for you a picture of el abono is, in my life, nothing short of triumph!


Also, I noticed I have a pretty good sense of direction and I had no trouble using a photo booth or fotomatón, as they like to call it here. I know, I'm extremely accomplished.

Confession: I did have to run back to the house for money
in the process of purchasing the abono
because I underestimated the cost by about half.
And I didn't find the grocery store either. Oh well.


Merinmel Caesg said...

You even have a pretty picture on your abono! None of that American Drivers License grimacing. Congratulations :)

Jessica said...

You look Spanish! (Add that one to the list!) (;