29 September 2011

Fairly Representative

I have been in Spain for two days, and I already did this:

In addition to falling down and twisting my ankle, I got sick on the plane, couldn't get money from the ATM or exchange dollars for Euros, felt compelled to eat the ceviche I was served for lunch, and repeatedly embarrassed myself by not understanding or not even hearing things people are saying to me in Spanish (sometimes I have a tendency to kind of block out conversations in Spanish until all of the sudden everyone is looking at me and I have no idea what they just said and then they think I am really stupid).... only 9 months to go.

On the other hand, I've already met some great people. The family I'm living with are so kind and they have helped me out a ton. And the other teachers are fun and friendly. A few of them helped me hobble to the metro after I fell down outside of our meeting (causing the previously mentioned ankle injury). I honestly don't know where I would be, in Spain or in life, if it weren't for the kindness of other people. I am nothing without my family and friends! I love you all! (But if you don't read my blog you won't know it ;))


Vanna said...

Awww Kendal! I'm sorry you've had some troubles! I promise it will be funny eventually (remember my falling in the street story?) I'm glad your host family and co-workers are helping you out! It will get easier I promise, you are so brave and great and will settle into life there quickly I'm sure! Sending love and hugs and ankle healing vibes across the ocean! BTW can I get your address there? :)

Jessica said...

This reminds me SO much of my first week in Buenos Aires! I got such bad heat exaustion, twisted my ankle, felt compelled to eat a soup with old meat and flies buzzing all around it, and couldn't understand a single word anyone said. I feel you!!! But you know what??? Three years later, I wouldn't change any of those hard times. Yeah, some are definitely funny now. Some are just plain ridiculous. Some are war stories. And others, I realized, were just challenges I needed to make the changes in myself I wanted -- and needed -- to make. Growing pains! (; Things will definitely get better! Just keep relying on those relationships around you, as well those who love you from home! Journal and/or blog a lot! Breathe. And take it all in. It's pretty darn awesome. Soon you'll find yourself never wanting to leave. I love you! Let's skype soon!

DandE LAM said...

Oh honey!!! It'll get better! You'll be a local in no time. Love you!!