04 February 2012

I hate groundhogs and their stupid holiday!

Six more weeks of winter? Please tell me there has been some kind of mistake!

I have officially reached the "I can't take it anymore!!!" phase of winter. I think it is a February thing. It happens something like this:

First, all of the shiny, bright winter moments have come to an end. Christmas is over. And New Years too. And all the left over excitement from these holidays has faded during the course of January, along with the decorations in store windows and the pretty lights in the streets. The only thing left is gloom (i.e. cold).

And the snow, if there ever was any, has lost any trace of its former magic and charm. It is now just a dirty, mushy inconvenience that makes miserable cold days colder, and wetter. And it's gross.

Also, all of my clothes have become unappealing as well. I am tired of them. They are boring and ugly and I am sick of them all and of layering them on top of each other. Every pair of pants, every sweater and coat, every long-sleeved article of clothing and every boot and closed-toed shoe has become repulsive, yet inescapable.

And shopping is out of the question, because even the idea of leaving the house at all is now extremely distressing. Getting dressed in those awful clothes then voluntarily entering that terrible dark and dreary world of coldness outside of the house? No thank you! At this point, I would rather not go anywhere at all, or even leave the warmth of my bed, until the daily temperature is at a steady 70+ degrees.

And just to make the whole situation worse, February seems so promising. In Arizona it's already warm, so I start thinking springtime must be just around the corner. And those deceivingly sunny days that look like Spring, but then destroy you with their biting chill are almost enough to drive someone mad. Plus Valentine's Day claims to be all about love and pinks and reds and friends and joy. But it's all a hoax- I'm beginning to feel it is impossible for love to even exist when it is so freezing cold!!

No. No, there is nothing beautiful or lovely left in this season. It is all downhill from here.

Six more weeks of winter? Just tell me it isn't true. I don't know that I can last that long.


Jessica and Tyler said...

HahaHa. Well said. I will never forget the checklist I had to make for you outside your dorm room so that you would remember that it was in fact winter, and you still needed to wear clothes. Some things never change! (: Miss you, friend.

Chelsea said...

This post made me laugh! I've always thought Christmas should be moved to February so people had something to look forward to. You'll be in sunny AZ soon!

Vanna said...

Groundhogs don't know anything about winter! And that is my expert 2yr vet student opinion. I'm sorry you are having a rough time in that crappy weather but you do get to come home and feel the awesome AZ sunshine (and see all of us!!!) so that is something to look forward to!