10 February 2012

Overwhelmed? Make a list.

For the past week I haven't closed my internet browser because I have been saving articles and videos that I wanted to post about. But now that I have them all piled up, I also don't have the energy to post about them all separately, so this is a listed post of some interesting finds (or shared from others) this week:

  • First, Joanna Brooks. An "unorthodox" Mormon woman who is standing up both for her religion as well as her desire to see change and openness within this religious culture. I really admire her and relate to much of that she has to say.
  • It Only Takes a Girl. Beautiful and lovely (and reminiscent of the Girl Effect videos in some ways). It made me cry. Here it is:
  • Really amazing letter from a former slave to his former master. Definitely worth reading!
  • I really related to the author of this article. Like him, and many others, I strongly support Planned Parenthood, while also being Pro-Life (though the terms "pro-life" and pro-choice" are not my favorites, since I don't think those who support abortion are necessarily against life and that those who oppose abortion are also opposed to choice... but anyway...). And here is chart (plus article) talking about what Planned Parenthood really does and where their money goes.Targeting Planned Parenthood as a means of reducing abortion and unwanted pregnancy is completely misguided and ignorant! I personally do believe that unborn babies should be protected, but I also believe that women and expecting mothers, whatever their circumstances, must receive the best support and assistance possible. It is both women and children who suffer from this battle. And it makes me really sad!
  • I also want to put in a general plug for the NYTimes FIXES blog that posts great ideas about development every week (since I have about 3 of their articles half read right now... I'm easily distracted...). Their goal is to find great ideas that are actually working well. Af there is almost always a follow-up article that addresses questions and comments about each "fix." Some of them are really interesting. You should check it out!
  • Finally, I just read this article talking about the idea that we would live in a more peaceful world if women occupied more leadership positions. I think that is true, if only because it would be a sign of societal progress and decreased gender discrimination. Also, it is commonly acknowledged in the "international development world" that as women gain rights and standing in a community, the overall well-being and development generally improves as well. I see this as part of a healthy society. And women in leadership is part of how a community views and treats women. If the position of women in powerful roles is an indication of our societies as a whole we have a lot to worry about. And honestly, I think it is pretty important reflection of our societies. (The stats in this article are super interesting!)

Well, that's all for now. I'm tired and so is my computer.

Peace and love to one and all!! xo.

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Chelsea said...

I love this post, Kendal! I always have like 17 windows open on my computer with articles and videos :-) And then my computer starts running slow... because I have so many windows open and because I need to restart my computer... but I haven't read everything yet so I can't close them! Haha.

I just watched the "It only takes a girl" video, which was very powerful. I'll try to make my way through the other things on the list soon!