11 June 2012

Advise me, dear people.

Away I Go!
Next Wednesday I leave Spain for a few weeks of pure adventuring! I'm heading to Italy and France (and maybe squeezing in a bit of Greece...) and then back to Northern Spain. I'll be spending the greater part of my time traversing Italy. I have some things planned and I'm quite excited. But for those of you with some traveling under your belts, any suggestions?? Places I can't miss, great food to try, nice hostels, travel secrets, etc. Anything you've got! I'm trusting in your expertise :)

Mil gracias!


Chelsea said...

I wish I had experience to share! But sadly, I haven't been there :( If you really need some help, I can hook you up with our friend, Celine. Her husband is Italian so they know Italy pretty well. She's super nice! I'm sure if you had specific questions, she'd be happy to answer them!

P.S. Have an AMAZING time traveling and soak it all up! Love you!

ktb said...

When I come to cali you have to be my official guide (I wanna go to that beautiful Palos Verdes beach!! WOW!!) Or if I'm ever cool enough to go to New Zealand, I'm calling you!! And thanks for the offer with your friend... If I'm in a bind I'll let you know!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!