24 March 2011

A delightful encounter on my way to work

iris reticulata

This week my walk to work was brightened by this becoming bed of blue irises! I loved them because they are a stunning surprise of color. And because they are so fresh and perfect, especially in comparison to the other foliage I have walked amidst for the past few months--dead grasses and decaying leaves mostly. These little blossoms are blooming up heartily and healthily even in these inconsistent days, somewhere between winter and spring. It brings me joy to see signs of life. And not just any sign, but beautiful, bright, bold flowers leading the way into a livelier season!

I am so grateful for this hopeful, happy gift of life!
And thus, I am taking a cue from these lovely perennials and preparing for life after winter!

Let it come quickly!
And with much more gorgeous flora to make everything seem just a bit
more glorious!

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful flowers!