22 March 2011


I just don't think you can understand how much
I really LOVE butterflies!
The joy of my day was stumbling upon this lovely collection of butterfly photos on National Geographic! (I also really love NG- you won't find as much awesomeness anywhere else, I'm pretty much positive!)

Butterfly wings are just so utterly incredible and intriguing! They are so delicate and graceful; so breathtaking! And they are patterned in such astonishing ways! How did butterflies get so lucky? How is that their wings were endowed with such vibrant colors and intricate patterns and such an incredible iridescence? Let's face it, the loveliest humans with the clearest, most comely complexions really don't hold a candle to the glorious beauty of a butterfly! I mean, can you imagine having skin like a butterfly's wings--we would all be so exotic and lovely and vibrant! Though, perhaps a bit fragile...
all photos via National Geographic

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Kristina said...

GASP*... These butterflies are so beautiful! I'm a freelance clothing designer and I was thinking, How awesome it'd be to be able to design something that lovely! =)
Kristina J.