08 January 2010


Yesterday my body decided to play a nasty trick on me. I woke up feeling sick-ish. But I've been worse and I figured I'd go ahead and go to work. Well, about 10 minutes of that sent me straight back home and into bed feeling nauseated, head and throat-achy and a bit feverish. Then I started feeling dizzy and strange and I thought I might get sick, so I got out of bed and then it started. All of the sudden my hands and feet and face started feeling tingly and strange and the muscles started contracting uncontrollably. It's happened to me before, especially when I get migraines on occasion. But this time it was out of control. I lay on my bed and started to sob with panic as my body became increasingly paralyzed and contorted. By the time one of my roommates heard me, I was quite a mess. I was bawling, my entire body was in pain, I couldn't move the majority of my limbs and I was FREAKING OUT! Luckily, my roommate Holly is a pro and she knew just what to do. She got me breathing normally, got some Tylenol and fluids into me (which I pathetically had to drink through a straw while she held the bottle up to my face since I couldn't MOVE), and then started stretching and messaging all of my limbs. Before long I was practically back to normal. And except for some very sore muscles and a bit of residual flu-ishness, I'm doing much better now!

Thank heavens for good roommates...and drugs!

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