13 January 2010


I have been extremely lazy lately. I have plenty to do. I just have an aversion to actually doing it. I will associate part of this new trend with the cold outside--the fact that cold weather makes me want to bundle up in blankets with a cup of tea and a book and listen to soothing music, cuddled up against the chill outside, toasty in my little nest; and also the fact that going outside to get to work or the library or the computer lab sends shivers up my spine, literally. So I've taken refuge in my room, where, in reality, I could find a good many things to do. There's homework to be done, papers to read, my desk desperately needs organizing (but having let this particular task go undone for such a long time I now feel utterly overwhelmed even looking at it and find I am much more content if I turn my back and pretend this looming mountain of papers and books and boxes and pens and old bills and bobby pins and notepads and who knows what else simply didn't exist at all).

Of course, I went to school and work today and woke up early to do some reading and came home and cleaned the oven and tidied my room a bit (our apartment is getting checked for cleaning today) and then, while I had planned to go back to work for another couple of hours, I realized that by the time I got there I would hardly have any time before my pilates class and it just wasn't worth it. So that leaves me trying to wile away the next twenty minutes with some sort of task. But I've already checked all my emails, responded to a couple, played the guitar, checked facebook at least twice, tried (unsuccessfully) to get some pictures from Christmas off my camera, thought about doing my homework and found excuses as to why now isn't the time, called my mom, read the back cover of a text book, changed into my work out clothes and tried to think of something interesting to post on my blog--so I guess that wasn't exactly my most successful endeavor either.

Now I'm going to go to pilates early so I can make use of my time there to print some homework, ensuring that I will be able to avoid taking extra trips to campus tomorrow (again, the cold and I don't quite get along, so I just try to avoid it as much as possible. You might say I'm non-confrontational.).