01 January 2010

The Newness

I have made a decision: 2010 is my year!

It sounds like a good year doesn't it? This year I will graduate from college (finally) and after that I guess the whole world opens up and I can do whatever I want...or maybe whatever I can get a job doing. For a while I was worried that when the walls that contained me suddenly fell away (metaphorically speaking of course... and perhaps optimistically speaking as well) I would be swallowed up by so much possibility; so much uncertainty; so much of the great unknown world out there, beckoning to me and terrifying me all at once. But right now I feel pretty good. I've decided that I don't have to jump out and consume the world in one great gulp. I can just take a nibble, small bite at a time. I can step out into that vastness before me and see where the road leads without trying to run it all at once. Sure, I'm scared. But I'm excited too. So far I haven't gone too far astray. And if I do, well, maybe that could be interesting too!

Here I come World... you'd better get ready!

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