29 November 2011

A dream or divinity

It was strange, but but for some reason this evening, while I was at an activity tonight with some Spanish friends, I suddenly realized that I was glowingly happy. Really. It's strange, because I didn't even realize it until I thought, Wow! Why can't I stop smiling? I just wanted to sing (which I actually did since we were practicing for our choir... which will perform on Sunday!!!) and give everyone hugs!

There are many contributing factors: I talked to my sister today. I received a beautiful card with inspirational quotes I definitely needed to read in the mail from an amazing woman who I love dearly. I had a great day with my classes (things seem to be much better this week now that they are done with their exams...). And I have been feeling extra blessed, protected and loved lately, which is rather amazing.

But mostly I think it is because this weekend I experienced this:

The pictures I took cannot even begin to capture the magnificence of La Sagrada Familia or any of the other incredible Gaudí creations I was lucky enough to experience with weekend in Barcelona. But I know that being surrounded by this incredible and truly inspired beauty touched my soul and changed my view of the world by exposing me to something so ethereal and yet so grand and magnificent. There is no way to see this inexplicable masterpiece and deny that there was something greater than man behind its creation.

I am still stunned. Just thinking about it leaves me speechless and jubilant!


Chelsea said...

Beautiful!!! That architecture is very surreal. I'm so glad to hear about your glowing happiness :-)

Vanna said...

Yay for you being extra happy and smiling! Sooo different than normal :)
And I'm so so glad you got to expereince some of Barcelona! The Gaudi buildings are seriously some of my most favorite things I have ever seen! And I never got to go inside so I am a bit jealous! <3

ashley said...

i love this!! and i am so glad you got to get a taste of gaudi. amazing!

marissa said...

wow!! how amazing! love to you from across the ocean!