01 November 2011

On my little heart

I can't stop listening to this song. Because every time I do, I feel like my heart is breaking, but only so that it can be rebuilt, stronger and more full of love than ever before.

Everything about it makes me want to be better. Not only is it a gorgeous song with a beautiful message, but the fact that it is a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., one of my greatest heroes, makes it all the more powerful. It stirs in me a desire to be the best I can be and to give to the world, and to the Lord, everything I have. I love it!


Merinmel Caesg said...

First off, I *absolutely adore* Patty Griffin. Secondly, I was listening to this song the other day and almost posted it to my blog! We must've tapped into some sort of cross-continentsal wavelength or something.

ktb said...

That's awesome!! Miss you lots!! xoxo