01 November 2011

The same old thing

Someday I will grow up and be responsible.

Until then, my life will always be the same. I will know what I should do and think I'm going to do it. But in the end, something will happen and I'll end up with the same pathetic, guilty feeling as usual, knowing I have been irresponsible... again.

For example, tonight was "Home Evening" for some young adults at my Church. Because today was a holiday, the family I live with, who usually go to Home Evening and open the building, didn't think anyone would go. I offered to go, just in case, and bring the key to the building. They told me I didn't need to, but I could go if I wanted.

I knew I should go, because I had a feeling that some people would be there. And it isn't a big deal to go. So I was planning on it. But then...

I am moving from my room to a different part of the house and I got caught up with that,
And I talked to my mom on Skype,
And I was tired,
And I didn't want to put on any make-up and get ready,
And then it was already past the time I needed to leave to catch the train....

so I didn't go.

Then I found out that some of the group did go, and they couldn't get into the building. And if I had just done what I knew I should do, there wouldn't have been any problem.


So anyway, if you were wondering, that is my life in a nutshell. Yay.

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